Chokher Projapoti 2016 By Rifat Full Album (1st On Net)



Chokher Projapoti  (2016)
Singers: Rifatul Alam Rifat
Tune and Music:
Label: CD Choice
Release Date:2016
Total Length: 44:09
Format: Mp3
Original Track:11
Audio Bitrate: 192/320/128kbps
Sampling Rate:4800Hz
Audio Channels:Stereo
Total file size:70MB
Uploaded by Dhokabuzz

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  1. Chokher Projapoti By Rifat
  2. Ami Hobo Chad By Rifat
  3. Monto r Manena By Rifat
  4. Shopno Amar 2 By Rifat
  5. Valobaste Dao By Rifat
  6. Cholte Cholte By Rifat
  7. Ochena Onuvobe By Rifat
  8. Ek Rate By Rifat
  9. Nil Chader Tip By Rifat
  10. Matoara By Rifat
  11. Shopno Amar 2-Tobla By Rifat

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