Dak Bakso (2015) By Belal Khan, Puja, Zooel Morshed (No Tag) Full Album Download

Dak Bakso (2015) By Belal Khan, Puja, Zooel Morshed Full Album Download

Basic Info
Album : Dak Bakso (2015)
Artist: Mexed
Banner: Eagle Music
Tune:Lutfor Hasan
Composition:Lutfor Hasan
Format: Mp3
Original Track:09
Audio Bitrate: 192kbps
Sampling Rate:4800Hz
Audio Channels:Stereo
Encode Mode:CBR
Total file size:65MB
Encoded by: Dhokabazz

(No Tag)


01. Valobasar Ronggin Ador By Puja & Zooel (BDmusic24.Info).mp3
02.Dakbaksho By Belal Khan (BDmusic24.Info).mp3
03. Shopnotoma By Muhin And Beauty (BDmusic24.Info).mp3
04. Besto Shohore By Sumon Kalyan (BDmusic24.Info).mp3
05. Tomar Boshobash By Lutfor Hasan (BDmusic24.Info).mp3
06. Ki Jadu By Rashedul Kayes (BDmusic24.Info).mp3
07. Bhabonate By Rubel (BDmusic24.Info).mp3
08. Bhalobasha By Lutfor Hasan and Ulka Hossain (BDmusic24.Info).mp3
09 .Ei Ontore By Roman and Mouli (BDmusic24.Info).mp3


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