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XenForo 2.0.1 Release Nulled

XenForo 2.0.1 Release Nulled 2.0.1

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We are pleased to release XenForo 2.0.1, the first release of the service in the XenForo 2.0 series. This issue is mainly aimed at correcting errors and other minor improvements. We recommend all clients that run the XenForo 2.0 update before this version to improve stability.

  • Many improvements related to the importer and bug fixes.
  • Prevent errors if set_time_limit is disabled. Warn during installation and upgrade, if this is correct.
  • When clearing permissions in the control panel, remove the permissions entries to prevent unused instructions that the user / group has user permissions.
  • Move the page background to the p-pageWrapper element to prevent it from shifting when the overlay is displayed.
  • Correct the maximum criteria for messages that are not properly evaluated.
  • Do not include your own actions in the news feed.
  • Correctly apply nofollow to links in the contents of the BB-code (links for employees will be executed by default, as in XenForo 1).
  • Update the version of the Froala library that is used in the text editor to solve several problems.
  • Allow the use of a custom sendmail path via config.php.
  • An attempt to prevent errors if the configured PHP path does not contain the -t argument.
  • Do not allow global keyboard shortcuts if the focus is in the <select> menu.
  • Prevent the animation in certain circumstances to circumvent the iOS problem with scrolling overlays.
  • Prevent page loading in Firefox due to a single-line text field.
  • When updating, try renaming the XenForo 1.x configuration file to reduce confusion. Add a notification to the control panel if this file still exists.
  • Add a new xf-designer: rebuild-metadata CLI command to rebuild the metadata hashes based on the contents of the file system in Design view.
  • Adjust dynamic redirects when editing a phrase, template, and user for the more anticipated.
  • Prevent the condition of the race when the deleted content can be mistaken when acting in the approval queue.
  • Ensure that permissions are enabled in all scenarios when the content in the approval queue is active.
  • Prevent an error in the approval queue pattern when the user is approved manually for reasons not related to spam.
  • Remove the random debugging code that was displayed when the forum was configured to display new messages by default.
  • Correct the situation when the wrong template is edited when it shares names with a template of another type.
  • Make sure that the development output is not written when importing the add-in from the release data.
  • Do not use the classes associated with p-navEl-link in the navigation menu.
  • Do not open the visitor's menu when you automatically configure the status update input.
  • Make sure that the signature link in the visitor's menu is displayed only if the visitor has the necessary permissions.
  • Correct the incorrect link in the e-mail rejection notification.
  • Make sure that the style property of the normal font style is applied to the root element, so the cascade changes.
  • Prevent installation of invalid values for font style properties.
  • Correct the input step and check using special fields with a limited number of characters.
  • Remove the unexpected unique key in the widget definitions.
  • Correct the link to cancel the re-purchase of PayPal.
  • The pen cancels cancellation (for example, when you win a dispute) correctly in PayPal.
  • Prevent the error if you receive a callback from the payment processor about the update of the user that no longer exists.
  • Prevent an error in the templates if the attachment is displayed when there is no data entry for the underlying attachment.
  • Prevent the error when saving the custom BB code if it is associated with an add-in with a long identifier.
  • Prevent an error from the cache of tag results due to the race condition.
  • Repeat the verification of the user name and e-mail when pre-stored to reduce the race status window.
  • Prevent possible errors from getimagesize if there is an invalid image.
  • Correct an error that prevented users from searching with a certain number of messages (whether it's 0 or any other specific number).
  • Automatically close the smiley window when sending a response.
  • Correct the error associated with the SMF authentication scheme.
  • Correct the processing of arrays, multi-file downloads in PHP.
  • Correctly catch the error when creating an add-in, if you can not contact the minifier service.
  • Failure when trying to import an RSS feed is more elegant.
  • Ensure that the CLI installer provides a default message if it is not provided.
  • Allow add support for custom code.
  • Add support to explicitly close connections to the database.
  • Specify when editing cron tasks, which represent the UTC time.
  • Remove the access key "s" from different places, as this can cause conflicts.
  • Make sure that the contents of the BB code code are displayed by LTR so that you can display the horizontal scroll bar as needed.
  • Slightly adjust the vertical alignment of the button icons to make them somewhat more consistent between browsers.
  • Update the various links to external services to their current URLs.
  • Make sure the image is included in the metadata for the stream.
  • Prevent the inclusion of inline editing from two scenarios in certain scenarios.
  • Configure how some JS animations are run to prevent problems when trying to undo / abort them.
  • Improve the detection of the base URL in some unclear server settings.
The changes occurred in the following templates:
  • account_avatar
  • account_two_step
  • account_visitor_menu
  • app.less
  • bb_code.less
  • bb_code_tag_code
  • connected_account_associated_facebook
  • connected_account_macros
  • conversation_list
  • core.less
  • core_blocklink.less
  • core_button.less
  • core_input.less
  • custom_field_macros
  • edit_history_index
  • edit_history_view
  • editor.less
  • editor_base.less
  • forum_new_posts
  • notice_email_bounce
  • payment_cancel_recurring_paypal
  • profile_post_comment_edit
  • quick_reply_macros
  • register_macros
  • thread_view
  • watched_threads_list
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