Message Right-Left and Full-Size Image BBcode

Message Right-Left and Full-Size Image BBcode 1.1.0

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Right-to-left and adds full-size image.
Adds thumbnails and full-size images based on the left and right into the message.
You can comment under the pictures.
Click on the pictures to open the picture in full size.
On this page KRSAG, KRSOL and TBR bbcode with all the pictures added as a gallery shows.

Plugin installation

Step 1
- Pull the files contained in Appendix
Step 2
- Take Relations FTP home directory in the named UPLOAD from inside the file folder
Step 3
- Adminpc >> Attachments no plugin >> fields >> install the Download button

XF 2.1 also BBCode button from the manager Add the Right Picture and Left Picture buttons to the editor.
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